Speaker Bio

Suzanne Scott was appointed General Manager of the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) in September 2007. Scott directs SARA’s programs and manages the agency’s annual budget. She and her staff extend SARA’s environmental leadership and expertise to inspire actions to make the San Antonio River and its tributaries clean, safe and enjoyable. She led the agency’s efforts on the $384 million San Antonio River Improvements Project that improved 13 miles of the San Antonio River. The completion of the river’s restoration served as a key factor for the nomination and inscription of the San Antonio Missions as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Suzanne received her degree from Texas Tech University and her Master’s in Urban Administration from Trinity University.

Title: Confessions of the San Antonio River

In drought stricken south Texas, most people are glad to see the rain for the benefit it brings to recharging aquifers and watering parched lawns.  However, the San Antonio River has another opinion. Rain brings runoff, pollution and trash that are degrading her ecosystem and making the recent investment in her restoration unsustainable. The San Antonio River is an important water resource worth protecting.  The river has given the city its identity, and a rich history full of beauty, economic prosperity, and now it supports a World Heritage Site. The river’s caretaker, the San Antonio River Authority, is working to make sure that through sustainable land use practices and changes in personal stewardship, the value of this vital natural resource and its ecosystem can be protected for generations to come.

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