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As the Deputy Manager of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge, Katie runs the day-to-day operations on the Refuge. She serves as an important resource for staff, volunteers, interns, partners and visitors. Katie joined the Fish and Wildlife Service as an Student Conservation Association intern in 2009. Since then she has participated in duck banding on airboats, met the Secretary of the Interior, helped people enjoy nature, and participated in grassland and wetland habitat restoration.

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge from Agriculture to Wildlife Habitat:Partnership in Stormwater

Valle de Oro provides an excellent example of how public partnerships can allow for multiple community needs to be met. Working together with our partners, AMAFCA looks to alleviate some of the flood concerns that plague the southeast valley by providing an outlet to the river for stormwater. Along the way there, the water can be used as a resource and an asset. Natural biological processes, along with engineered facilities, can be used to not only provide habitat, but also enhance water quality. This presentation will discuss the on-going design challenges faced, the status of projects in the area, and the anticipated path forward.

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