(A Summary)


  • All people's needs are met for water, food and comfort.  Compromise and thrive!   Water is valued as our most valuable resource. 


  •  All people gain awareness of the value of different uses of water.  There is complete awareness of water resources.  People would be educated, act on that education, work together to be responsible stewards of water and our lands could have time to heal.  


  •  There is increased education and understanding about water resources.  We have a better educated and responsive population.  People will know their water source, whether surface or ground. 


  •  We learn to appreciate and respect what we do have, even if we never reach our goals.

  •  At the same time as maintaining the natural landscape, a reasonable quality of life and a diverse population come together when problems arise. 


  •  The water conflicts disappear, but the consciousness of appropriate use grows strong.  We can continue to reside in the Southwest and people will fall in love with where they live, so that they will do everything they can to protect it. 


  •  United communities/people and shift our focus to things that actually matter like water for us and future generations.  There will be community consensus and collaboration at local, city, state. 


  • We are stewarding for abundance to promote community health by utilizing all water resources for highest and best use.  Best case scenario, we create conscientious and caring communities where water is not a commodity, but a right for all beings (people, plants, and animals.)  


  •  I envision my own community with a robust and sustainable agricultural economy. There are more resilient and sustainable communities and public spaces.  There is maximum utilization of water sources and we have clean, pure drinking water. 


  • We conserve water so effectively that our rivers do not dry up.  We have sufficient water to support an urban forest and local food production. 


  • We will have sufficient water quantity and quality of equitable distribution, ecological sustainability and resilience, and minimized conflicts. Sustainable agriculture, flowing rivers, habitat for wildlife, clean water, sufficient ground water for well use. 


  • We are planning for the future with confidence and stress less about the future of water. 

  • We would revisit the water situation from a modern more technologically informed point of view. 


  • We are creating harmony, beauty, equality and peace.   I believe a very high quality of life could be kept with proper water and resource management, but would also take national and global regulations and actions on climate change.  


  • Out of that joyful abundance grows based on our ability to live together and appreciate life. 

  • There is improved quality of life incorporating all of the wonderful new concepts and ideas that society has been inventing. 


  • There is general improvement in life conditions, long term viability of health and economy.  We have more happy people and the region will stay a habitable place.  A balance between urban and agricultural and small community needs.  


  • More and more will join in to help turn our biosphere into a new Garden of Eden.  Unity!  We live!!!! We also win!  

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