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Craig Galati is a principal and shareholder in LGA and focuses on forward-thinking, strategic solutions that result in organizational excellence. He has received numerous honors including the AIA “Nevada Service Award,” and the American Planning Association “DeBoer Excellence in Planning Award” for his outstanding service on the City of Las Vegas Planning Commission. Craig is also a recipient of the AIA Nevada Silver Medal and joined LGA in 1988. Craig’s current community work includes membership in both the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee and the Downtown Alliance.  Craig also is a Board Member of the Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club and is the current national Society President for the Society for Marketing Professional Services.

Title: Springs Preserve - Beginning the Conservation Conversation in Las Vegas


The Springs Preserve, a 180-acre cultural institution was designed to commemorate Las Vegas' dynamic history and provide a vision for a sustainable future, and it changed the City, its design community, and its citizens. From 1990 - 2007 the unprecedented growth of Las Vegas created tremendous strain on resources and infrastructure in Southern Nevada using water at an incredible rate. The Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) needed to begin a water conservation campaign aimed at both residential and commercial uses.

In 1995, the Las Vegas Valley Water District began studying the opportunity of creating a public place dedicated to water conservation education in the valley at the birthplace of Las Vegas where the Las Vegas Spring originated. In 1998 the District moved forward with a master plan to develop a community attraction and preserve.  LGA was selected to lead the master plan and eventually became the architect of the Desert Living Center and Gardens and oversaw all development of the Springs Preserve. At the time the community mantra was beginning to change to water and energy conservation, but LEED was very new to the industry; many designers were unfamiliar with energy and water conservation and codes were not in place to allow certain types of construction and water conserving systems.

Craig will explore how the Las Vegas population and design community made a conscious shift to conserve valuable resources and the strides made since the Springs Preserve was contemplated.

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