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Mike McMahon has 30+ years of experience as a dedicated Scientist and Project Manager. The concentration of his body of work has been focused on understanding and communicating the interactions of the Land-Water-Atmosphere nexus. He has specific expertise in the communication of risk as it pertains to the social, environmental, and economic aspects of our ecosystems. His project work includes climate variability/change planning, drought/flood management, water supply forecasting, and extreme storm analysis for dam safety and community resilience.

Title: Climate Resilience: A New Paradigm of Change

Does the changing climate warrant a new paradigm for preparedness, response and mitigation? Climate resilience is not an issue specific thing; it is a holistic approach to hazard/risk management that enables people to effectively assess risks, communicate potential impacts, and make data-driven decisions to prioritize action. Our communities and everyone in them will benefit from the mitigation of impacts to our environmental, economic, health, and, especially social well-being. The goal of building system climate resilience is to enable communities to realize service continuity and functionality amidst chronic stressors such as changes in air temperatures and system demand, and acute shocks related to climate such as drought, wildfires and extreme storms. Additionally, climate resilience is a value proposition that, when successful, resonates through policy and procurement by generating resources such as funding and technical assistance for all.

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