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Matthew Werle is a consultant at GreenBlue Urban, where his background in developing sustainable solutions for green infrastructure is an asset that helps create sustainable cities across the country. Matthew's experience in green infrastructure across the United States facilitates his goal of educating designers, specifiers, and policy makers about the benefits of Low Impact Development. His key focus being to relay the importance of understanding the techniques that ensure the successful design, establishment, and ongoing maintenance of green and blue infrastructure, in order to reap the long-term benefits of such design. 

Title: The Stormwater Benefits of High-Performance Urban Trees

"High-performance" urban trees offer many LID stormwater benefits to our cities. But what are high-performance trees, why should they be considered BMPs, and how are they produced in our urban areas? What are the key things that specifiers, designers, property owners — and frankly residents —want to see from an increased investment in LID stormwater management? What is the ROI of conventional stormwater management solutions compared to the ROI of LID tree pits? At what point does performance outweigh cost? This session addresses these questions in a thought provoking presentation that analyzes and defines the factors that contribute to LID stormwater management using urban trees, and the key to realizing these benefits through design. It reviews the best practices and design techniques that successfully integrate trees into urban stormwater management, and provides examples of how high-performance trees are sustainably managing stormwater in regional and international case studies.

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