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Jonathan's BEMP journey began at age 9, collecting ecological data throughout elementary and middle school with the Rio Grande Roots and Shoots group. Jonathan re-engaged with BEMP in the summer of 2017 as a summer high school intern and is currently the BEMP Undergraduate Crawford Fellow. He recently graduated high school from the Early College Academy is now a freshman at the University of New Mexico with plans to major in Biochemistry. When not in the bosque, you can find Jonathan immersed in Albuquerque’s art community.  He is excited to continue exploring new horizons with BEMP!

Title: How BEMP serves the Ecosystem, the Community and the Students


The mission of the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program is science, education, and stewardship of the Rio Grande and its watershed through long-term, hands-on student research of ecosystem response and function to inform public policy. Education helps cultivate an understanding and respect, not just for our own bosque, but the planet as a whole. There is nothing greater than empowerment through understanding.

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