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Jeff Goebel is a leading expert in helping individuals and communities attain their goals and remove the obstacles that lie in the way, with over thirty years of national and international successes in consensus building, conflict resolution, and visioning for sustainable solutions. As an award-winning consultant in private practice, he has worked on catalyzing positive change with everyone from non-profits to government agencies, multinational corporations to small family ranchers. He has developed a highly effective program of respectful listening, visioning, and planning that attains long-range and long-lasting change through 100% consensus while achieving the "triple-bottom line" (social, economic, and ecologic).

Title: Building Consensus for Stormwater Supported Tree Canopies

Jeff will lead a series of participatory activities that resolve conflict through consensus building. He will open the program on Thursday morning with a small group exercise to allow participants to meet each other in a new way and facilitate effective listening. Jeff will give a 90 minute 'mini-workshop' on Friday morning using the issue of enhancing The Ripple Effect: Stormwater & Tree Canopy where he will share with us what to do to facilitate significant change. Jeff will close the session on Friday afternoon, where he will help us internalize what we have learned, reinforce the listening and communication skills, and support participants' feedback.

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