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Ian has 17 years of private industry experience. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management & GIS from Colorado State University in 2001, studied abroad in New Zealand, and founded Plan-It Geo in 2012. He is recognized as a leader in urban forest planning, technology, green infrastructure, ecosystem services, and Plan-It Geo’s web/mobile software products. He has managed 250 urban forestry projects involving tree inventory, canopy analysis, software, and management planning. In 2011, the Society of Municipal Arborists gave Ian an award for innovation in tree planting prioritization using GIS. Ian lives in Colorado with his wife and two children where he has summited all 54 peaks over 14,000-feet. At Plan-It Geo, he directs business development, software product solutions, and provides senior project management.

Title: Leveraging Geospatial and Online Technologies to Optimize Urban Tree Canopy and Stormwater Management

Progressive cities and organizations are leveraging big data, remote sensing, ecosystem science tools, and web/mobile technology to analyze urban & community forest resources and prioritize initiatives that yield triple-bottom-line outcomes. With an eye towards stormwater management, this presentation will outline the types of data sets, tools, and applications being used along with a series of brief case studies. Attendees will gain familiarity with available models (e.g. i-Tree, US Forest Service), data (e.g. tree inventories, LiDAR and multispectral imagery used for urban tree canopy and land cover analysis), and online mobile applications that help users interact with scientific data. Examples will include both site-specific and landscape-scale data types and applications. Case studies will include the South Platte Denver Natural Capital Study, urban tree canopy & irrigated area analysis, a statewide tree inventory sampling project underway throughout New Mexico, and online mapping tools that prioritize and visualize opportunities to mitigate stormwater runoff, urban heat islands, and sociodemographic inequities.

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