(A Summary)

Consensus will be found and change will happen. Someone listens and t hey take action. We create open dialogue on all possible routes of action.

We are c reating a win-win situation where we seek first to understand and then to be understood. Change is inspired and created. We foster a r esolution that benefits all parties and/or makes them all fee l appreciated.

Humanity will unite to achieve a plan to effectively manage and conserve our limited resources, and innovate to increase what we do have. Society recognizes and understands the importance of our stormwater resource.

Communities cooperate on water and feel more optimistic and urban hardscapes are utilized. We are c hanging negative attitudes, seeing the beginning of implementation of solutions.

We find s ustainable, economic friendly, solutions amongst the entire community. C ollaborative models are established and shared. Communities appreciate the stormwater off the street and the appropriate solutions are used and maintained.

Pride in our community doing the best we can. We have taken steps towards a resilient ecosystems and a thriving community. We are finding commonality between resource protection and developmental/economic growth.

There is integration of planning. We will live in a healthy environment with healthier and happier people. We obtain a better understanding and appreciation for life (all life). We are able to find a balance that fosters good environments and we correct the negative impacts.

We work towards sustainable development of Albuquerque. We actually make a change and see the environment improve. It becomes a n ecologically, socially and environmentally equitable region that supports biodiversity, clean water and educational opportunities.

Through education and outreach we can make a difference. We get a real synthesis and actually new understanding. We a ctually begin to use stormwater for beneficial use, irrigation of natural and public trees.

Legislation developed to encourage beneficial use of stormwater incentives. There are m ore education/resources on rain barrels, benefits of trees and plants. We can increase our tree canopy. Also, we can improve water quality and the ecological health of our city, enhance our uniqueness.

Albuquerque is a better place to live. he best possible outcomes are that we are better adapted to dealing with varying weather and can find ways for our immediate environment to benefit.


(A Summary)

  • Foster a dialogue among diverse stakeholders. Show respect, be positive, open and everything can happen; lead by example.

  • Clear collaboration agreements; creative problem solving; community building; frequent and open communication.

  • Changing people s minds on the matter; make them realize that it s not someone else s problem.

  • Create programs and projects to involve many groups and achieve a shared, desired outcome; optimistic; collaboration.

  • Create education and training materials for a variety of stakeholders; facilitate demonstration projects and data collection; share and recognize success.

  • Take action on a political level and work on a personal level to explore problems and create solutions, then celebrate successes.

  • Continue to pursue those things which are self-energizing; focus on the anti-Cen tropic.

  • Foster a partnership between government/engineers/landscape professions to change how stormwater is captures/managed/sponged/etc.

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