About us

In 1986, green-industry professionals interested in water conservation formed the Xeriscape Council of New Mexico, a non-profit 501(c)(3), to offer educational programs, training sessions and conferences on resource efficient landscaping and related subjects.

Mission & Goals:

Because water is life, the Xeriscape Council of New Mexico strives to bring together landscape professionals involved in design, construction and management companies, homeowners, farmers, artists, business people, teachers, hydrologists, ranchers, climatologists, wildlife advocates, and policy makers to find equitable ways to share our state’s water.

Council members are experts on water conservation, promoting the use of native and arid-adapted plants, rainwater harvesting, utilizing low impact/recycled building materials and landscaping/irrigation methods. The organization’s primary goal is to educate the public about resource conservation and best practices for improving local landscapes.

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Council Projects

The Xeriscape Council of New Mexico is project and education oriented. Its primary project is an annual conference focusing on water, people, and landscape. Every spring, the Council brings globally recognized experts and local speakers together for a two-day conference.

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